Many soul musicians in Durham never produced a record. Recording required money and access to a studio that many groups didn't have.  Almost every group that did record began with a 45-rpm single. These records featured a song on each side and were the least expensive and easiest to produce. 45s make up nearly the entire discography of Durham's known soul releases. A little over half of these records were produced by the dozen locally-owned labels in Durham, such as Bull City Sounds, Duplex, and Microtronics. Labels like these in medium-sized cities far away from the soul music hubs of New York, Detroit, and Philadelphia struggled to thrive. The most prolific of Durham's soul labels, Valle-Dalle, produced a mere three releases. Some local artists, such as Blue Steam, recorded with regional labels in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Only two Durham soul groups released records on national labels.  The Modulations' album It's Rough Out Here appeared on Buddah, and N.C.C.U. released their album Super Trick on United Artists.


Durham's soul, funk, and R&B groups recorded over 30 singles and three full-length albums.

One Real Band
It's Nice To Know There's Still… LP
(Orb DRP-7776; 1981)

It's Rough Out Here LP
(Buddah BDS 5638; 1975)

Super Trick LP
(United Artists UA-LA729-G; 1977)

releases by artist

Charles Alexander
"The World Is A Game" b/w "Love's Not That Simple"
(Central Power VP-280; 1978)

Nick Allen, Jr.
"I'm Burning Up" b/w "Need More Time" 12-inch
(T.I.M.E. NA 9-82; 1982)

Nick Allen, Sr.
"Hard Way To Go" b/w "Don't Make Me Be What You
Don't Want Me To Be"
(Walas W1; late-1960s)

Stanley V. Baird
"Love Will Find A Way" b/w "Video Magic"
(Saxony U-14001; 1980s)

Black Experiences
"Shake What You Got" b/w "In The Dark"
(Microtronics M1002; 1976)

Blue Steam
"Where Is She" b/w "I Want A Girl"
(Catamount 133; 1975, also issued under the name Formula 12)

"Tell Me" b/w "Rock Shockin' Love Affair"
(Freluv'; 1984)

"Charge" b/w "Sandman"
(Bull City Sounds 001; late-1960s)

Communicators & Black Experiences Band
"One Chance" b/w "Is It Funky Enough?"
(Duplex 1304; 1973)

"One Chance" b/w "Is It Funky Enough"
(Turbo 037; 1973)

"Has Time Really Changed" b/w "The Road"
(Tri Oak TO 102; 1974)

"Jody Is Gone" b/w "Ghet-to Funk"
(Microtronics M1001; 1974)

Essence Of Truth
"Gator Time" b/w "Gator Time"
(Ju Ju IRC 1035; 1979)

"Slow-Walking With You" b/w "Slow-Walking With You (Instrumental)"
(Joy 001; 1984)

"Delicate Rose" b/w "Delicate Rose (Dance Version)" 12-inch
(Joy 0002; 1980s)

Jim-Stick Revelation
"Night Of The Witch Doctor" b/w "These Crazy Times"
(Bull Durham Dynasty BDD-0001-45; 1978)

"Who's Going To Lose" b/w "Share Your Love"
(Mozel 101; early 1970s)

"I'm Hopelessly In Love" b/w "What Good Am I"
(Buddah 398; 1973)

"I Can't Fight Your Love" b/w "Your Love Has Me Locked Up"
(Buddah 418; 1974)

"Worth Your Weight In Gold" b/w "I'll Always Love You"
(Buddah 497; 1975)

"It's Rough Out Here" LP
(Buddah BDS 5638; 1975)


"Bull City Party" b/w "Sleepy Time Is Over"
(United Artists XW990; 1977)

"Super Trick" b/w "Bull City Party" 12-inch
(United Artists UA-DW979-C; 1977)

"Super Trick" LP
(United Artists UA-LA729-G; 1977)

"Freak" b/w "Superstar"
(Saxony SR 101; late-1970s)

One Real Band
"It's Nice To Know There's Still…" LP
(Orb DRP-7776; 1981)

"For A Change" b/w "WDUR-Don't Stop"
(Budweiser Showdown BS1002; 1983) B-side by Nick Allen, Jr.

Positive Approach
"Squeeze That Dollar (Part 1)" b/w
"Squeeze That Dollar (Part 2)"
(Ju Ju J.J. 2451; 1975)

"Give It Up, Shake It Down" b/w "Let's Go For It"
(Chocolate Cholly's CC-0015; 1982) B-side by Roadway

"Who's There (Vocal w/Rap)" b/w "Who's There (Vocal)"
(Chocolate Cholly's CC0022; 1984)

Shadows Of Soul
"Shadow Of Soul (Part 1)" b/w "Shadow Of Soul (Part 2)"
(Tri Oak TO103; 1974)

Soul Company
"Hump The Bump (Part 1)" b/w "Hump The Bump (Part 2)"
(Jump Off 2001; 1974)

Faye Turner
"Love Bank" b/w "Watch The Beat Go Round"
(Central Power CP 239; 1979)

Wall Street
"Show Me Your Love" b/w "Let's Make Love"
(Nu-Tone 0090704; 1980)

Johnny White & The Elite Band
"You" b/w "Beach Music"
(Elite; 1985)

Johnny White & The Mighty Crusaders Orchestra
"Physical, Healthy And Trim" b/w
"Physical, Healthy And Trim (Instrumental)"
(Valle-Dalle VD-175; late-1960s)

"Surely (Someone Needs Love)" b/w
"Surely (Someone Needs Love) (Instrumental)"
(Valle-Dalle VD-001; 1975)

"I've Enjoyed" b/w "I've Enjoyed"
(Valledalle VAL 001; 1977)



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