Former Shamrocks bass player Larry Scurlock organized Skull & Bones after a stint in Michigan with Junior Walker & the All Stars.

Scurlock was joined by Delores Townsend (vocals), Valeria Hanna (vocals), Milford Williams (vocals and drums), Eugene Turner (lead guitar), and Vernon Bridges (percussion). In an interview in 2004, Scurlock remembered their sound as West Coast-influenced, combining funk and psychedelic music.

The Shamrocks were a popular R&B band active in the mid-1960s to early 1970s.

The group formed as an offshoot of Hillside High School’s Joymakers band and was managed by Willie Stone. Members included Larry Scurlock and Victor Stone (son of Willie), both of whom went on to form their own bands in later years. The picture below shows a scene from the Durham Business College's annual "get acquainted" party from 1966, with music provided by the Shamrocks.