"Ghet-to Funk"

"Jody is Gone"

The band’s line-up included Michael Meeks (vocals), Terry Bullock (trumpet), Drew Marsh (trumpet), Bobby Moody (saxophone), Stanley Saunders (trombone), Craig Beaumont (keyboards), Darrell Kelly (lead guitar), Jonathan Eubanks (bass guitar), Alfred Burton (drums), and Tim Alston. Duracha’s 1974 release “Ghet-to Funk” is beloved by record collectors for its crisp open drum break, while the A-side “Jody Is Gone” tells the story of a folk character who took advantage of one too many women whose husbands were away in the military.

Duracha (originally spelled Duralcha, short for Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill) formed as Hillside High School students and rivaled the Black Experience Band for instrumental funk in the mid-1970s.